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Better Cities Film Festival welcomes all films with a topic or theme relating to better cities, towns and neighborhoods.

All genres and lengths are eligible.

We offer awards and prizes for the top films in various categories.  Even better, we offer highly engaged audiences, and the opportunity for your film to challenge, inspire, and motivate communities around the world.

To make submissions as easy and filmmaker-friendly as possible, we use the Film Freeway platform.


Past screenings have included films on: 

New Urbanism, Bicycles, Architecture, Urban farming,Racial Equity, Creative Placemaking, Tactical Urbanism, Walkability, Main Street Revival, Historic Preservation and Restoration, Urban Revitalization, Transportation, Regional Planning, Mixed Use, Complete Streets, Suburban Sprawl and Sprawl Repair, Transit-Oriented Development, Beer-Oriented Development, Sustainability, Street Art, and Incremental Urbanism.

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